Our Work

We have been working together since 2007 to support people impacted by brain tumors with a mission, vision, and values focused on advancing research and treatments.

Our History

In 2007 a group of dedicated women, all passionate about the brain tumor community, recognized unmet needs for advocacy and support in Southeastern Minnesota. Together, they started Brains Together For a Cure to provide assistance to brain tumor patients and their families and to ultimately find a cure for the disease by raising grant funds for brain tumor research.

Our Mission

To support and empower those affected by brain tumors through meaningful connections with a shared commitment towards advancing research.

Our Vision

To provide hope for those impacted by brain tumors through advancing treatments towards a cure.

Our Values

To instill Compassion, Support, Hope, Philanthropy, Empowerment, and Teamwork.

Our Results

Brains Together has funded over $1.5 Million towards research at Mayo Clinic Rochester which has been dedicated towards the diagnosis, treatment, and eventual cure of brain tumors.  This funding is possible thanks to the support of our patients, their friends and families, volunteers, and our community. Multiple successful grants and publications have resulted from these efforts and more details on these can be found on the Resources page and via the following link.

The Story of Brains Together

Our team

Meet the team behind the scenes

Board of Directors

Susan Steinmetz

Co-Founder & President

Shelly Kuhlmann

Co-Founder & Treasurer

Board of Members

Elizabeth Canan

Board Member & Secretary

Administrator, Dept. Of Medicine
Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Thomas Canan

Board Member

Senior Assistant County Attorney
Olmsted County Attorney’s Office Rochester, MN

Drew Hruska

Board Member

Heartman Insurance Rochester, MN

Ginger Roberts Carson

Board Member

Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Rochester, MN

Dr. Joon Uhm

Board Member

Neuro-Oncologist, Medical Oncologist
Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Dr. Jonathan Schwartz

Board Member

Pediatric Neuro-Oncologist
Mayo Clinic Children’s Center in Rochester, MN

Dr. Gesina Keating

Board Member

Pediatric Neurologist
Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Dr. Brian Patrick O’Neill

Board Member

Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Dr. Paul Brown

Board Member

Radiation Oncologist
Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

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"The support group has been a place where we each try to help each other to understand the situations by welcoming those who are new to the group and sharing the experiences and information held by those who have been in the group for some time. Those that coordinate the group and the doctors that attend have been a wonderful support at all of our sides and capable of answering any questions that any of us have had about the complexities and results of brain cancer and the corresponding treatment research that develops as time goes on.."
- Mike K.
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